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Welcome to Ginge Arts

Showcasing mixed media work using materials, such as cotton, canvas, silk, string, and lots of stitch! 

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What is Ginge arts all about?

Who is Ginge Arts?

I have always enjoyed art, and a few years ago, I was introduced to a sewing machine.  I was taught that it could make amazing things, and it wasn’t just about making clothes, but that I could do designs and ’colour them in’ too, by using free motion. 

I then went on some awesome courses with two ladies, Moira Neal and Alexandra Waylett, two very talented mixed media artists in their own right, and I was inspired to do my own. 

Once I had, I was then told for a long time that I should put my art ‘out there’ and so a few years later, in July 2018, I took the plunge and Ginge Arts was made. 

My other website, has a similar story.  Personalised sketches capturing a special moment, or a pet, making  unique and fun gifts. 

I use mixed media to produce unique one off pieces of art of various sizes. Most use several different materials including paint, cotton, silk, felt, and lots of free motion stitching, and a LOT of concentration! 

Each piece can take anything from 20 - 60 hours to make.  Each one is unique.  

On some pieces, prints and cards are available too. 

Countryside work

Fox in moonlight tryptch.  A4 size.  Framed.

My trptchs are so enjoyable to do, with inspiration from the countryside primarily.  

Made on rag paper, using paint, cotton, and lots and lots of free motion stitch.

I also do Lino prints of animals and buildings, which are available as mounted prints. 

Coastal work

Mixed media artwork. A2 size, canvas and other materials with free motion stitching.

My coastal work is inspired from my time of living in Devon. 

Using canvas, the outline is drawn on, paint used as background, then using various materials such as silk, felt, scrim and paint, each part is placed on the canvas, and then using free motion stitching to bring the piece to life, and making it a unique work of art.  Each one is a one off.  Cards and prints can be bought of the art. 


The Hare in the Moonlight tryptch, A4.

“Teresa is an incredibly talented artist, her attention to detail is precise and detailed.  I recently bought a tryptch called ‘The Hare in the moonlight’, my husband and I love it.  It’s absolutely beautiful and has pride of place in our hallway“ - Sheryl Higgins 

”Teresa has no fear and shows this in her art and passion for all that she takes on.  She is committed to providing what clients want and going above and beyond, I would highly recommend Teresa, check her out!” - Stephen Thompson


I will keep you up to date with news, offers and work in progress. 


How do I order a commissioned piece? 

I am happy to discuss any commissions that you would like me to do.  Each piece created is a one off one of a kind piece,  price is dependent on the style, size and the amount of time taken.  Each one is framed. 

Do you have art for sale or just commissions? 

I do mixed Media pieces of Art that when complete will be for sale.  If you see one that you like being made, then do message, as a deposit will secure your art. 

Do you sell other items?

Yes, other items available including prints, cards and other lovely gifts will be in the shop very soon. 

How long does a commission take?

It does depend on what the commission is in terms if size and detailing etc, but generally, going on my work so far, they can take between 20 - 40 hours. 

Featured Work

Seedheads in Moonlight

Monochrome tryptch, ‘seedheads in moonlight’. A4 Framed.

A monochrome tryptch, using Lino prints, paint, cottons, and free motion stitch. 

This has glow in the dark thread too, which gives a beautiful glow at night.  

Wildlife Lino prints

Hare Lino print. A4, mounted and backed.

One of a set of 4 Lino prints on card.  A4 size, mounted and backed. 

Low tide in Harbour

Low tide in harbour ( fish eye lens).  A2 canvas, using mixed materials & free motion stitch

An A2 sized canvas, inspired by Devon harbours, low tide.  Mixed materials include cotton, silk, felt and canvas, and lots of free motion stitching

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